Skin Bleaching and Skin Lightening

People all over the world suffer from skin discoloration.

Genetics, overexposure to the solar rays and a condition called hyperpigmentation, where dark splotches form on the skin, can cause dark skin.

The underlining cause of dark skin is excessive melanin. Melanin is produced in the cells of the skin and acts as a sunscreen, protecting the skin from the rays of the sun.

One solution that many people have turned to is skin bleaching. Skin bleaching is a treatment for discoloration and, for some, a method of changing the color of your skin.

Skin bleaching is usually accomplished with creams and pills. Others who want to lighten their skin, go the natural route and use household items.

Mild acids such as hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, and the lactic acid can all be used to lighten skin.